Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Reflexoterapia-in ultimii trei ani ma pasioneaza mult!
Am dezvoltat o linie de instrumente ajutatoare pt masajul picioarelor!
Fiecare instrument este modulat si croit sa fie "comfort fit" pt o anumita zona reflexogena!
Aceste unelte ajutatoare se dovedesc deosebit de eficace si practice pt terapeuti si recipienti.
Fiecare piesa este aleasa din diferite feluri de lemn, modelate si concepute dupa un desen propriu. Executate in intregime manual aceste unelte sint foarte apreciate si sigur trebuie incercate

   I have grown a great interest in reflexology. So much that I took a 6 week course on it and started creating my own tools especially designed for this craft.The tools showcased in the photo are made by myself and are meant for one whole session.Each piece is especially designed for a specific healing purpose. They are tailored to comfort the therapist and are greatly beneficial for the patient. I will soon post the purpose and techniques for each tool I have crafted!

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